My Jewellery Store FZE is an exclusive online boutique catering to all artificial jewellery needs.

The website www.myjewellerystore.me is a venture of My Jewellery Store FZE.

Founded by Mel, who loves jewellery and is very eclectic in her choices, it has been a long labour of love to get everything “just so”.

Mel chooses every item herself and wants to help you build a collection that is elegant, stylish, contemporary, traditional and glamorous.


I have always believed in giving back to society, be it in a personal or professional setting; or in a tangible or intangible way.

As part of this, social cohesion and enablement is something I firmly believe in and follow. Therefore, it stands to reason that giving back to society will be a strong pillar of my organization’s culture. As much joy we feel in receiving, we feel the same or more in giving.

My heart’s desire has always been to give back in a bigger and better way and now through my business, My Jewellery Store, I am in a position to do so.

So, our business aim is giving joy to customers by helping them build their own collection of jewellery that is elegant, stylish, contemporary, traditional and glamorous.

It is my organization’s social aim to cement this desire and belief by providing an opportunity to differently abled people in the UAE, to use their own creativity to make jewellery. My Jewellery Store will provide them with a platform where they can host and sell their creations for a 100% return, thus monetizing their skills and providing them with an income.


The UAE has been as welcoming of me as it has been of diverse individuals and cultures. It has been built on the principles of love, acceptance, peace and harmony. This is so evident in the harmony that exists in its diversity. My Jewellery Store’s vision is to reflect this diversity in its e-commerce business. We aim to do this by bringing global jewellery designs that are representative of various countries and cultures, to our UAE e-commerce platform.

On a more personal level this is an extension of the owner’s love for jewellery and her eclectic choices in the same. She wants to share the same joy it brought her and the interest it sparked when wearing jewellery from different countries across the world thanks to her friends and her own love of travel.