Read our Delivery & Returns policy to know how and when you will receive your favorite jewellery when you order it online from My Jewellery Store FZE (, our trusted delivery partner, and how you can return the jewellery and get refund in the unfortunate circumstance that you are not satisfied.


WHEN TO EXPECT YOUR JEWELLERY? You can expect your jewellery to arrive at your doorstep within 48-72 hours of placing the order. In case you placed your order on Thursday, please expect the delivery by Sunday respecting Friday as a non-working day.
WHO WILL DELIVERY THE JEWELLERY? To ensure your jewellery arrives in perfect condition and on time, we have partnered with Emirates Post as our preferred shipment partner.
HOW TO TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT? On placing your order, you will be informed periodically about the shipment through SMS. You will be provided with a shipment tracking number which you can use on Emirates Post website to track your shipment.
DO YOU EXCEPT CASH ON DELIVERY? While we offer cash on delivery service on orders below AED 500, we encourage you to make online payment at the time of purchase. In case you still prefer to make the payment at the time of delivery, we encourage you to make card payment to ensure contact less delivery as much as possible.
WHO PAYS FOR DELIVERY? Your delivery is on us if your jewellery purchase exceeds AED 250 in value and you do not reside in remote areas as specified by Emirates Post. Otherwise, a delivery charge will be levied on you as specified by Emirates Post.
WHAT IS THE JEWELLERY SHIPMENT TERRITORY? At the moment, we only undertake shipments across the UAE. We will keep you posted as we expand our geographic reach to serve customers in other countries.


YOUR SAFETY IS IMPORTANT Owing to personal hygiene reasons My Jewellery Store does not entertain jewellery returns unless under exceptional circumstances as specified in this returns policy.
IF WRONG PRODUCT RECEIVED In the unlikely but unfortunate event that you receive a wrong jewellery instead of the one which you purchased, inform us about it within seven (7) days via email to [email protected] We will get back to you to ensure that you receive the jewellery you purchased or a refund.
DAMAGED PRODUCT RECEIVED While we do thorough jewellery product quality check before shipping, the jewellery might get damaged during shipment. In the unlikely event you receive a damaged jewellery, we apologize for that and urge you to inform us about it within seven (7) days via email to [email protected] We will get back to you to either provide you with a replacement or refund.
REFUND In the event a wrong or damaged product is delivered, My Jewellery Store will make a full refund to you in the form of store credits unless you desire that the product which you ordered be redelivered. You can use the store credits on your next purchase.
QUALITY INSPECTION We undertake a thorough quality inspection of all our jewellery before we ship it to you. In the unlikely event that the item you purchased fails our final checks we will regretfully cancel that order and initiate a full refund if the payment was made online.
REFUND IN THE CASE OF CASH OF DELIVERY Going cashless has its advantages. Your transaction will get reversed in case a refund has to be initiated. In case, you made the payment for the purchase at the point of delivery, we will only be able to provide you refund in the form of store credits which you can use for making future purchases.